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Playing in Live Casino

Playing in live casino online provides a gaming experience beyond the ordinary. Here you can easily get the feeling of being transported to a casino with real gaming tables, and it is no longer about playing against a computer as with normal online casino games. Live casino is played at real gaming tables, where a live dealer deals your cards or drops the ball into the roulette wheel. The dealer places your chips on the game table, according to the betting choice you made. You make your choices, with the computer’s mouse just as usual, but the different layout and the big difference in gaming experience can still cause you to have some doubts before the game. Here are some of the most common questions, with answers, so that you can more easily understand how games at a live casino work.

How do I start playing in live casino?

It may look a little different at different casinos, but usually it is no more difficult than logging in, as usual, and selecting the live casino option. You then choose which game you want to play, bet level and, if possible, which dealer you want to play against. Usually you get clear instructions on the screen, so you can easily see what to do. When you make your bet, select chips and place them, you do it with the mouse just like normal.

Can I communicate with the dealer?

Yes, you can talk to the dealer, via a live chat function. It also allows you to get help, if it’s something you’re thinking about during the game.

What language does the dealer speak?

Communication usually takes place in English, but there are also casinos that offer live dealer games in other languages. The major languages, such as German, Spanish and Italian, are often represented. But, there are also casinos that have Swedish-speaking dealers, if you would rather be able to communicate in your own language.

What happens if the connection fluctuates?

It is always best if you have a relatively fast connection when playing live casino, because otherwise it is easy for the transfer to stutter. Should the connection waver so that you lose contact with the casino, there is still no danger. You don’t risk losing money due to being disconnected. Just reconnect and the game will continue where it left off. During the game, your balance is updated regularly, which means that you do not risk losing any winnings in the event of an interruption.

What if live dealer makes a mistake?

A good casino only has professional live dealers, so the risk of mistakes is very small. But, of course, you have to take the human factor into account, and a mistake can be made. You then have the opportunity to summon the casino’s manager, directly in the game, who may decide whether an error has been committed. Should that be the case, you get your bets back and lose nothing.

Can I talk to other players?

At some casinos you can not only talk to the dealer but also to other players. Via the chat, you can make new, exciting contacts even though you are sitting at home at the computer.

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