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Playing casino games online is always fun, and as most people probably know by now, there are plenty of chances to win money, both small and large. However, some may miss the realistic feel of brick-and-mortar casinos, the ability to play in real time, with a live dealer. Nowadays, however, there is a good and simple solution to this. It is possible to play live casino online at many of the online casinos that exist.

Several classic games to choose from

For those who want to play live casino, there are several wonderful casino classics to choose from. Both roulette and blackjack can be played live, among other things. Many people love these old treats, and with a live dealer it feels just like being in the casino for real. Exactly how a live casino is laid out is different from one online casino to another, but it is usually possible to communicate with the dealer via chat, and at some casinos it is even possible to chat with the other players around the table. In other words, it will be a bit more social than playing a regular casino online.

It’s not just roulette and blackjack that are offered at live casinos around the web. Even baccarat can usually be played in live format. This is also a very popular game, of course with good chances of winning large sums.

Bonuses also available for live casino

As everyone probably knows, there are lots of nice bonuses offered at most online casinos. There are welcome bonuses, usually in the form of deposit bonuses, but even players who have been registered for a long time at a casino can usually take part in various bonuses and promotions. It can be several thousand kroner extra to the game account, and it is of course up to the player himself to choose which games this money should be spent on. It is therefore possible to finance games at the live casino with the help of bonus money, and it can be a really excellent way to get started.

In order to take advantage of a deposit bonus, there is usually a minimum level for your own stake. In some casinos it is 10 euros, in others it can be 20 euros. Often a deposit bonus is a percentage, which means that the more money you deposit, the more money you also get from the casino. This means that it can be worthwhile to deposit a larger sum immediately, instead of several small payments. If, for example, you know that you will be playing a lot at the live casino in the future, it may be wise to deposit, for example, 100 euros immediately, and then get 100% extra to play for, compared to depositing 100 euros at several occasions, as the bonus will then be lower. It is simply a matter of thinking, in order to get as much as possible out of all the offers, and thus be able to finance your playing at the live casino online in a good way.

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