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How to Choose Online Casino?

When you’re looking for new hunting grounds, you have to go out into the casino jungle and search. An important part of the search is knowing what you are looking for! And that’s what we intend to tell you.

Welcome bonuses and offers

The first thing you want to know is what offers the casino site has. Do they have a good welcome bonus for newcomers? This is usually the first thing presented on review sites. It is what attracts you to click on the casino and go to their site. At Tippat.se you can see their top 3 list and what welcome bonuses are offered to new members. Next to it is a large button for those of you who are ready to take the step to open an account.


Before you sign, it is good to know which conditions apply. There can be big differences here. Some casinos have high wagering requirements on their bonuses. You need to play for thousands of kroner before you can keep your won bonus money. Others may have completely wager-free bonuses. Such bonuses are usually smaller, but instead you get to keep all the money you win on a slot machine with the bonus. It might also be a good idea to see what other conditions they have regarding payouts, bigger wins, etc.


Some sites have very restrictive access until you become a member. Then Google is your best friend, because it goes without saying that you want to know which and how many games are offered before creating an account. If you are interested in a particular casino but the site does not list what games they have, you can certainly find it if you read a detailed review of the casino or try Googling the site.

Many casinos have the same slot games. So it is not such a big change to change casinos from time to time. You can almost always find the biggest names in slots and preferably some titles you haven’t tried yet.

One of the most common reasons that someone changes site is that the selection is larger, the bonuses are better or that you have acquired a taste for a type of game that is not offered at your old casino. Live casino, for example, is not a matter of course at an online casino. If you are keen to try the live casino, you may have to change casinos. Luckily, it’s fine to be a member of several sites at the same time, you don’t have to choose if you don’t want to. You can have the cake and eat it too!

As a casino player, you naturally do not want to have to tax away a large part of your winnings. Unfortunately, this becomes necessary at many casinos, but this can be avoided by choosing a tax-free casino. A casino that distributes winnings that do not need to be taxed is the Mobile Slot. Regardless of whether you win a regular win or a jackpot, the player keeps the entire amount, which is incredibly appreciated.

How can the profits be tax free

It sounds all well and good that the winnings on the Mobile Slot are tax-free, but how can that be? It’s actually very simple. The casino is registered and licensed within the EU/EEA, specifically in Malta, and this is enough to make the casino tax-free. The regulations say that all casinos that have their license and their operations in the EU or EEA are tax-free. This means that many casinos are actually tax-free.

What does this mean for the player?

Does the player notice any major difference between a tax-free casino like Mobilautomaten and a non-tax-free casino? Yes, there is a very big difference. It is of course not noticeable as long as you are just playing and having fun, but as soon as you are lucky and start winning money, the difference will become very clear. Whoever plays on a gambling site outside the EU/EEA then needs to pay tax according to the applicable tax rules. It is so rare that you have the chance to win big that you should make sure to keep all the money when it does happen. In between, you naturally want to get as much as possible out of even the smaller wins you often pick up along the way.

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